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Planning a proposal is an exciting but nerve-wrecking time.

At Ian Sharp we can help you organise the most important part, the engagement ring. There are many different elements to consider but we can help you make sense of it all and pick the perfect ring for your special someone.

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It is important to select a ring that fits well with your partners signature style. What type of jewellery does your loved one currently wear? This is an important question to answer when selecting the perfect engagement ring.

The most popular metal we offer is white gold. However, we also have yellow gold, rose gold, silver, titanium and platinum. They each have their own special qualities. For example, platinum is extremely popular due to it’s durability and natural shine that will never fade. Wheras yellow gold is favoured for its signature warmth and softness.


The stone is the feature element of an engagement ring. A diamond can act as a glittering centerpiece or be assembled in smaller sizes to accent the band. At Ian Sharp our diamonds range from classic to nouveau and are always crafted with expert considerations to cut, shape and colour.

We also offer Argyle pink diamonds, one of the world’s rarest diamonds. They are renowned for their beauty and rarity, adding an extraordinary touch to an engagement ring.

Diamonds are the most popular option for engagement rings, but they are not the only option. If you are looking for a less conventional stone, we have access to some of the world’s rarest coloured gems including lush emeralds and the deepest of sapphires.




Round brilliant is the most popular diamond shape due to it’s 58 facets that add maximum sparkle and dimension.

At Ian Sharp we also exquisite cuts such as the princess, radiant, asscher, marquise, emerald, oval, heart, pear and cushion.

Custom jewellery for weddings & special occasions

Made to your specifications, the Custom Jewellery Collection represents remarkable designs, providing the wearer with precious pieces that last a lifetime.

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