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Ian Sharp diamond pieces are made with the greatest consideration for shape, colour, and precision. Sourcing some of the world’s most sought after and rare diamonds, our master jewellers create matchless engagement and wedding rings, as well as diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings


At Ian Sharp, we have a large selection of Argyle pink diamonds as well as access to some of the world’s rarest coloured stones. Whether you are looking to have an engagement ring made or you are seeking an alternative investment, our team are here to help you.

Argyle pink diamonds are known for their beauty and rarity. We have been lucky at Ian Sharp to have dealt with some of the rarest Argyle diamonds in the world, including red diamonds, considered to be the rarest of all.

The Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia is due to cease production of pink diamonds in 2021, which reduces the supply and increases the value of current pinks and pinks yet to be mined.

Some of our clients have purchased these incredibly beautiful stones for us to turn into a piece of jewellery, while others choose to put their stones away for safekeeping.

Certainly, they are a true treasure to be enjoyed now, and by future generations as they are handed down. 

Ian Sharp 31c

Diamond Consultations

Let us help you find the perfect diamond for your new piece. We have a large range of loose diamonds available for you to view at our South Yarra showroom. Our master jewellers can assist you in selecting the right stone for your unique design. Visit us today to begin your diamond journey. 

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Custom Designs and Modifications

Our expert team offer complete service at your request and are here to help you with all your needs and questions.

  • Custom design Jewellery
  • Diamond and precious gemstone sourcing
  • Rare diamond sourcing
  • Valuations
  • Insurance quotations and replacements
  • Restoration, redesign and repair
  • Jewellery cleaning service
  • Pearl rethreading
  • Watch repairs
  • Gift vouchers
  • Corporate gifts
  • Engraving

If you are searching for the perfect diamond or not sure of what to look for before asking the big question, come see our team at Ian Sharp and we will guide you through all that you need to know about your diamond quest.

There are all kinds of diamonds from different colours to different shapes and sizes. All are normally tailored towards your budget and we help find you the best available within that range. 


Cut and Shape

The cut of a diamond determines its brilliance. The better a diamond is cut, the more sparkle it will throw out.

Diamonds come in many shapes see below and all of these shapes have different attributes, however overall they all have beauty and it is a matter what you and or your partner like the best.


There are diamonds that you want to have certain colour in them, like a yellow for example, the stronger the yellow the more expensive it becomes. The top grades for colour diamonds are: Vivid, Intense and Light. Some coloured diamonds are very rare such as pink, red, green and blue. With regards to a white diamond the whiter the stone (little or no colour), receives a higher quality grade than those with visible colour.

diamonds colours


Most diamonds will have some sort of an imperfection. Diamonds with the least amount or no imperfections receive the highest clarity grades. Generally speaking any diamond with a clarity of VS2 and above, the imperfections can’t been seen by the naked eye. 


Carat Weight

This is a measure of the diamond’s weight. With regards to size if a double is double in size to another this does not mean that the price will be double. In actually fact the price is likely to be more than double. 


The fluorescence is a phosphorescent after-glow that occurs when the diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light. Fluorescence can be Nil, Faint, Medium, Strong or Very Strong. Fluorescence is not necessarily a negative feature. If the diamond has a lower colour the fluorescence will make the stone present much white than its actual colour. With regards to fancy colour diamonds fluorescence’s is more common and can enhance the colour further. However, strong fluorescence can look cloudy and reduce the value considerably. It is important to understand the effect of fluorescence and to look out for it.


If you have a diamond that is uncertified and would like to have a certification we can provide this service via a third party for an unbiased appraisal. Your diamond will then have its own certification from a lab based in Australia. Should you wish to have your stone GIA certified this can also be arranged but may take time. Please ask our friendly staff should you wish to peruse this option.

Custom jewellery for weddings & special occasions

Made to your specifications, the Custom Jewellery Collection represents remarkable designs, providing the wearer with precious pieces that last a lifetime.

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