Jewellery Repairs Melbourne

Fine jewellery repair is an art form.

Jewels may need to be replaced, new stones may need to be set, and delicate chains and fastenings will need to be mended.

If you're investing in fine jewellery, from necklaces to wedding rings and engagement rings, you expect your treasured pieces will be expertly cared for. That's why Ian Sharp is proud to stand as specialists in the repair and remodeling of fine jewellery. We don't just create incredible pieces, we guarantee the highest possible standard of repairs and restorations.

If you've ordered a custom design from us, you shouldn't expect a mid-range level of maintenance. Mid-range jewellery repair relies on poor fittings and a lower standard of workmanship, which doesn't do justice to the investment you make in your beautiful pieces.

We'll not only expertly repair your piece but also show you how to care for your fine jewellery, giving you tips on cleaning and storage so that your rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces look exquisite for years to come.

Custom jewellery for weddings & special occasions

Made to your specifications, the Custom Jewellery Collection represents remarkable designs, providing the wearer with precious pieces that last a lifetime.

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